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Afra Zeolite is the leading supplier of Adsorbents (Molecular Sieves, Metal Oxides and Activated Alumina’s) and Ceramic Support Balls in Turkey.

We represent world leading companies such as Jalon and Euro Support and offer a range of Adsorbents for removal of impurities from all your process streams, as well as Ceramic Support Balls.

Our clients include the major Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Engineering, Steel complex and Air Separation companies throughout these territories.

As well as supplying market leading Adsorbents, Afra Zeolite provides its clients with ongoing technical support through the life of their units. This support includes:

  1. Discussing your specific application and proposing Adsorption based solutions.
  2. Providing regenerative and non-regenerative Adsorption system bed designs, based on your specific operating conditions.
  3. Supply of the required Adsorbents to achieve your specific processing objectives.
  4. Providing ongoing operational improvement and trouble shooting support.
  5. Bringing Jalon technical people to Turkey to meet with our clients.
  6. Jalon Field Technical Support people that can come to site for supervision and performance testing, operational improvement and trouble shooting
  7. Training in the principles of design and operation of an Adsorption system